Become an Expert in

Aging, Law and Policy

Learn the language of elder law from top law school professors.

Leverage the prestige of Stetson Law with a Master of Jurisprudence in Aging, Law and Policy.

Better serve our nation's vulnerable populations through a deep understanding of disability law, gerontological healthcare, guardianship, taxes and estate planning, and ethics in elder care. 

An advanced online Master of Jurisprudence program for non-lawyers in the field of elder care and administration.

This program is appropriate for working professionals such as:

  • Professional guardians
  • Nursing home administrators
  • Geriatric care managers
  • Hospice managers
  • Paralegals & CPAs
  • Certified financial planners
  • and more... 

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This ambitious online program gives you the experiential curriculum you need to get ahead in the elder care industry. Gain a competitive edge for career advancement and discover new career opportunities.