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Real Cases

Real issues. Real lawyers. Real(ly) good listening.

Follow real law students as they journey to become practitioners. Learn from real faculty as they examine the ins and outs of the field’s most provocative cases. Catch up and stay tuned into Stetson Law’s podcast – your trusty legal resource for great debate and greater ideas.

Legal Education

Episode 12: The Good, the Weird, and the Precedent-Setting: Popular 1L Cases

In this episode, Stetson professors Catherine Cameron and Ashley Krenelka Chase discuss cases every 1L student should know, what to do when your clients over-share, and how to separate the essential facts from the merely weird ones when the law and the real world collide.

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Length: 51 minutes


Mental Health & Wellness

Episode 11: Mental Health and the Student Wellness Society

In this episode, Stetson Student Wellness Society members Katie Johnson, Kayla Albritton, and Christopher Manon talk about finding the right work/life balance, how to avoid burnout, and the crucial difference between being “The Best” and being the best version of yourself.

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Length: 44 minutes


Diversity on Campus

Episode 10: You Belong Here

In this episode, Stetson Law students Francesca Little and Logan Jackson – plus recent Stetson grad Edson Abadia, Jr. – open their case files on their diverse leadership roles. Plus: how Stetson has created an inclusive space for Latinx, Black, and queer students.

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Length: 45 minutes


Law School Admissions

Episode 9: Getting Into Law School with Karla Davis-Jamison and Darren Kettles

In this episode, Darren Kettles (Director for Admissions) and Karla Davis-Jamison (Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management) of Stetson University College of Law open their case files on breaking down enrollment barriers, building a school community, and reaching a diverse applicant pool. Plus: dispelling some myths about college applications.

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Length: 43 minutes


Veteran Advocacy

Episode 8: The First Line of Defense with Stacey-Rae Simcox

In this episode, Professor Stacey-Rae Simcox of Stetson University College of Law opens her case file on civil war pardons, backlogs at the VA, and what the GI bill promises. Plus: how Stetson Law students are already changing veterans’ lives.

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Length: 41 minutes


Disaster Law

Episode 7: Practicing to Practice with Christine Cerniglia

A student approaches her law professor and says “I’m interested in Space Law.” With very little case law on the books, the professor begins pulling statutes to create a scenario that puts this student in the pilot’s seat of a legal situation that doesn’t even exist…yet.

In this episode we talk about the limits of attorney-client privilege, practicing law during a global pandemic, and why students should get out of the classroom.

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Length: 52 minutes


Higher Education Law & Policy

Episode 6: Navigating Title IX with Peter Lake

Episode 6 features an interview with Stetson’s own Professor Peter Lake as he opens his case file on students’ evolving identities, shifts in SCOTUS ideology, and controversies faced by the Department of Education.

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Length: 49 minutes

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Entertainment Law

Episode 5: Entertainment Law with Dean Darryl C. Wilson

Judge Judy has made more than 6,000 judicial decisions in her 25 years on TV. But does she have any legal weight? You might be surprised at the answer. In this episode, we talk about transgender athletes, the complexities of NFT ownership, and being the only Black law student in the room.

Length: 39 minutes

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Legal Education

Episode 4: Law School on the Beach with Vicky & Khalil Madani

In this episode, Vicky and Khalil Madani (class of ‘14) open their case files on mock trial competitions, prison phone recordings, and on-campus gardening. Plus: what happens when a Stetson graduate walks into a courtroom.

Length: 61 minutes


Elder Law

Episode 3: Protecting Autonomy with Prof. Roberta K. Flowers

In this episode, Professor Roberta K. Flowers, elder law expert at Stetson University College of Law, opens her case file on scams targeting elders, the importance of legal autonomy, and a new kind of accessible courtroom. Plus: Does the age of consent have an expiration date?

Length: 56 minutes


Trial Advocacy

Episode 2: Bearing Witness with Prof. Elizabeth Boals

In this episode, Professor Elizabeth Boals, advocacy law expert at Stetson University College of Law, opens her case file on email evidence, expert witness testimony, and what really goes on in the courtroom. Plus: what do you do when your client is guilty?

Length: 43 minutes


Environmental Law

Episode 1: Preserving Life with Paul Boudreaux

In our premiere episode, Professor Paul Boudreaux, environmental law expert at Stetson University College of Law, opens his case file on endangered species protection, natural resource preservation, and the effects of industrial development on tiny fish, rare flies, and struggling families. Plus: why Florida is the ideal place to practice environmental law and how diversity impacts the field.

Length: 41 minutes